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the Holiday Chaos

The Good News Box is an interactive devotional that places the focus on Jesus all month long.

     Cyndi Moon invites readers to step into the journey of Jesus's life.

     Slow down this season, and remember the true meaning of Christmas. God wants more of His son in our days.

About Cyndi

From Cyndi

Cyndi and her husband currently live in Colorado, where they are raising their three sons.  She isn't shy about sharing her life with others over on her blog, where she talks about the lessons that God is teaching her today.  She also welcomes a variety of other women who write for God, to share their life experiences with you as well. 

I gathered my notes from the past 8 years and put them in a Christmas book in hopes that you would feel the love of Christ as you prepare your heart for Christmas morning!

I'm sharing a tradition with you that my husband and I began years ago with our own children.  Our youngest son was almost two when we started and he is now nine years old.  He loves to do this every year as do his ten and thirteen-year-old brothers.   Surprisingly and happily, our daily celebrations leading to Christmas day turned into a family tradition that is anticipated and expected by each of our children. They have now become the initiators!

There’s no other way to say it other than I believe the Holy Spirit gave me an idea on how to make Christmas more Christ-centered.  Because of my background as a teacher, it’s a joy to come up with new ways to educate my kids and others.  I was completely in!  

First, I wrapped a box with leftover Christmas paper and filled the box with 23 items—each of which would grab my children’s attention so that I could teach them a little more about Jesus in the days leading up to Christmas. A gift a day is unwrapped and an illustration given.

For instance, on Dec. 12, we take out some funny clown glasses and all try them on. We've changed it up over the years, sometimes using reading glasses or even sunglasses.  We've even had hippie glasses in the package.  Anyway, this would be a silly time and would open their hearts and let their guards down to teachable moments about Jesus. I would ask them what they think it would be like to have Biblical glasses?  We would talk about how they think Jesus sees them.  

Of course as they get older, we talk more deeply about Jesus and the conversation turns into Jesus loving us even as He sees our faults and weaknesses. We don’t need to hide from Jesus. He sees us just as we are. Additionally, we have talked about taking the planks our of our own eyes as that causes us to see people with a more critical and unforgiving manner.  

Finally, on Christmas morning, instead of taking something out of the Good News Box, we would give Jesus a gift instead.  This last summer, I gathered eight years worth of note-taking on this tradition and wrote it all down to share with others. The result was a book,  The Good News Box.  

Having grown up knowing there was a God, but not truly understanding who God was, I vowed to make sure that my kids knew how to have a proper relationship with the most important person in their lives—God.  I made a promise to teach my kids how to be with Jesus in heaven one day. This desire led me on a path to knowing all I could about God. I may not have gone to Bible school, but I am a member of God's school of daily life. This book contains precious stories and insights that God placed in my heart.

Merry CHRISTmas!  

May you feel the peace and love of God today and always.  

Cyndi Moon